We have recently been introduced to the world of the Native American culture,
by purchasing a Native American gift shop in the Daytona Flea Market.
In our quest for knowledge and traditions of the Native American people, the
Native American style "Bird" flutes have jumped out at us and opened up a whole
new world of meditative spirituality and enjoyment for us, that we feel we need to
share with others by offering an assortment of these amazing instrumentsfor sale
in our retail shop. Unlike most instruments, the "Bird" flutes do not require any
musical backgroundor training. The creation of these flutes was very clever, as they
were designed around a musical scale in which any note could be played without
disharmony. The "Bird" at the top of these flutes actually splits the air to make the
wood vibrate into sound without the difficulty of mastering side blown flutes, which
the air has to be split by the player. The "Bird" flute is played much like the recorder
that many of us played in our school days. Most folks can make very nice music the
very first day of owning a "Bird" flute and be well on their way to a terrific new
experience. The melodies played by "Bird" flutes can be personal. Traditional
Western music never needs to be played, although, the playing of traditional songs
can be accomplished. The flutes come in an almost infinite number of wood types as
well as bamboo. The different materials effect the tonal quality and resonance of the
flutes. Many of our flutes are totally hand made without the aid of any power tools,
while others are hand made with power tools and a few are machine assisted. The
pricing is a good indicator of which process was used in the creation. Many flutes are
stand alone pieces of art that are part of the great Native American culture.

The shop is located in the air-conditioned E-2 building at space 8,
as well as our newest location on the main isle at row A1 at the flea market.
The Daytona Flea Market is open every weekend, Friday through Sunday.
We also carry much of our natural and bamboo product items at this location.

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